stuff your face lover.

You’d never know it was valentine’s. The masses of red things and annoyed looking women don’t give it away at all.

Well Mister Peebles might not be an old romantic romeo but he does like themed food of all kinds. Whipping up some houmous and sprinkling a paprika heart on top for his loved one.

Show them you care. Take a dip.

chirp chirp twenty twelve.

The festive season has all but jingled off into the memories of last year but lets try and keep a bit of joy in to January. It can be a dreary old month but there are still wintery things to do and the robins are still about. Cook some food, knit a hat, keep on mulling stuff or… move to the southern hemisphere. It’s really nice there.

Dust that frost of your tash either way. Become a fan of Jan.

pat a cake pat a cake.

Oh yes a bit of baking has been happening here, with all sorts of results. Who doesn’t like stuffing their face with cakes? What are you celebrating I hear you cry? Slap it on a cake stand and put a candle on top & you have made yourself an occasion sunshine.

Made by: Mister Peebles, Miss Charles, John.

tom nom nom.

A bit of cooking today for Mister Peebles… Inspired by Mr Oliver, the clever chap he is, some very dried out and sticky tomatoes. Yum does not cover it really. He has also been drawing, results to follow. No tomatoes involved there but maybe a bear. Maybe.

Made with: Cheap tomatoes, garlic cloves sliced, olive oil, salt, a bloody long time in the oven.


Chocolate covered pretzels are the king of snacks. You can cheat of course and buy a packet of pretzels (salty salty ones) Dip one side in chocolate… be patient while it dries and then do the other side. Mister Peebles has a preference for a nice dark chocolate but you can freestyle. They might be a bit wonky but no matter.

Make sure they don’t fly off before you eat them.

Made with:

salty pretzels (supermarket brand…) Madagascan chocolate, rice paper antenna.